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OMSSA offers a diverse range of professional development opportunities for human services staff at all levels.

In addition to our scheduled sessions, OMSSA can work with you to deliver any of our workshops to you and your team in a virtual format at a time that works for you. We can also customize the content of each workshop to meet your specific needs.

Click on the titles to the right to learn more about each workshop, and contact OMSSA's Director, Education Christie Herrington to learn more about bringing a workshop in-house. 

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Client-Centric Strategies

Client-Centric Strategies is a virtual education program that addresses modern coaching and problem-solving practices for working with people who may present multiple challenges in achieving re-employment. OMSSA can work with you to customize and deliver this training in a way that suits your team's needs. Learn more.

Customized SAMS Training

OMSSA can work with you to develop, customize and deliver a SAMS (Social Assistance Management System) training plan to suit the unique needs of your team. Learn more

*NEW* Customized Ontario Works Directives and SAMS Training

Choose any or all of the modules listed above to bring to your staff. Learn more

Other Workshops

These workshops have traditionally been offered through in-person formats, but OMSSA can work with you to adapt them to virtual formats to deliver to you and your team:

Compassion Fatigue

Effective Case Management

Leading and Managing Projects

Managing Emergency Social Services

Ontario Works Directives

Results-Based Performance Measurement

Risk-Based Decision Making

Strategies for Success in the Multi-Generational Workplace