Upcoming Events and Training

Working with Multi-Barriered Clients

Nov 11-26, 2021

This online, interactive workshop teaches you the knowledge and skills you need to support multi-barriered clients on the path to recovery and wellness.

The MicroCoaching Model™ - Theory and Competencies

Nov 29-Dec 1

MicroCoaching™ is a three-dimensional coaching model designed to turn even short interactions into meaningful interventions. This three-part virtual educational program is designed for both front-line and support staff who interact with clients,...

Trauma-Informed Care

Dec 3-16, 2021

This virtual training series is dedicated to understanding the impacts of traumatic events and how to best support highly traumatized clients by promoting a climate of awareness, safety, trust, collaboration and control. 

Mental Health First Aid

Dec 7-8, 2021

Learn how to recognize signs that a person may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis, and how to respond, in this two-part online workshop.