Upcoming Events and Training

Making Difficult Conversations Easier

Sep 13-14, 2022

This two-part, online, interactive workshop will explore the construct, traps and pitfalls of difficult conversations, why they may go wrong and how to approach, plan and execute them in a more successful manner.

OW Directives and SAMS Training: Disposition of Assets: Impact on Eligibility

Sep 15-16, 2022

This two-part online workshop will focus on asset limits and conversion / liquidation of assets as it relates to SAMS, OW Directives and Ontario Works case management. 

Mental Health First Aid

Sep 20-21, 2022

Learn how to recognize signs that a person may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis, and how to respond, in this two-part online workshop. 

Understanding Client Behaviours: What Research Tells Us

Sep 22-23, 2022

This online workshop provides an opportunity for staff to examine what current research describes as the impact of trauma, scarcity, poverty and social exclusion on human behaviours that staff encounter on a daily basis. 

Improve Your Listening Skills with the 4-Step Empathy Loop

Sep 27, 2022

This one, two-hour online, interactive workshop builds on the foundational Making Difficult Conversations Easier by exploring the 4-step Empathy Loop that can make anyone an expert listener.

Re-imagining Employment: Exploring Pathways for 21st Century Work

Sep 28-29, 2022

The workshop will enable human services practitioners to develop a nuanced understanding of a range of options associated with new ways of working and better support individuals who may face barriers to employment. 

Trauma-Informed Care

Oct 3-14, 2022

This virtual training series is dedicated to understanding the impacts of traumatic events and how to best support highly traumatized clients by promoting a climate of awareness, safety, trust, collaboration and control. 

Managing Human Services Through Change

Oct 4-18, 2022

This four-part, online workshop will help participants understand the mechanics and the culture of change, and develop strategies to lead teams, departments and communities through change. 

OW Directives and SAMS Training: Outcome Performance: Participation Planning and Additional Benefits

Oct 11-12, 2022

This two-part online workshop will focus knowledge of employment outcomes and the impact on local CMSM/DSSAB budget performance.

Case Presenting Officer Core Training

Oct 17-21, 2022

This five-part, online, interactive workshop will provide you with the fundamental tools required to review casefile decisions at Internal Review and to prepare arguments to defend your offices decisions at the Social Benefits Tribunal...

Political Acuity: Connecting the Dots

Oct 18-25, 2022

This two-day course will introduce you to the skills and abilities for understanding and cultivating your political acuity. 

Inclusive Leadership: Theory to Practice

Oct 24, 2022

In this workshop, participants will evaluate their own leadership competencies and identify those that they can develop. 

Resolving Difficult Conversations (Advanced)

Oct 25-27, 2022

This three-part advanced online workshop picks up where "Making Difficult Conversations Easier" left off, exploring how best to prepare for a difficult conversation, additional conversation tools that can be used to move...

Fundamentals of Transformative Mentoring and Coaching

Oct 27-Nov 9

This program will enable leaders to develop the interpersonal and transformative skills needed to successfully leverage the talents of staff. In addition, leaders will gain greater insights into what actions they can take to position their organization...

3-D MicroCoaching Model™ and Competencies

Oct 31-Nov 2

MicroCoaching™ is a three-dimensional coaching model designed to turn even short interactions into meaningful interventions. This three-part virtual educational program is designed for both front-line and support staff who interact with clients,...

Mitigating Bias in the Workplace

Nov 1-3, 2022

During this interactive workshop, participants will develop a nuanced understanding of a range of cognitive and structural biases. 

OW Directives and SAMS Training: Compensation Settlements: Assignment of Benefits and Shelter Maximums

Nov 3-4, 2022

This two-part online workshop will focus on a case study that discusses a Motor Vehicle Accident and settlement for economic and non-economic financial losses as it relates to SAMS, OW Directives and Ontario Works case management. 

Compassion Fatigue

Nov 7-8, 2022

This interactive two-day session not only defines and assesses your compassion fatigue, but helps you build the tools to effectively address and manage it.

OW Directives and SAMS Training: Self-Employment: Establishing and Monitoring Eligibility

Nov 9-18, 2022

This seven-part online workshop provides a simple yet comprehensive self-employment path, teaching case workers about quick assessments, reasonable expenses aligned to standard Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) principles and simplicity on workbook goals,...

Mental Health First Aid

Nov 15-16, 2022

Learn how to recognize signs that a person may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis, and how to respond, in this two-part online workshop. 

The Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Conference (DEMCON)

Nov 16-17, 2022

The conference delivers two full days of community networking and learning including speakers from across North America, panel discussions and interviews focusing on lessons learned, new initiatives, best practices, and on topics such as Disaster Response...

Building Your Resiliency

Nov 17-25, 2022

Resiliency is the key to resisting the negative impacts of stress and learning to rebound from prolonged stressful events. Most people already have a sense of what resiliency is, and now more than ever, our coping skills and resiliency will be tested....

Creating Interactive Digital Meetings and Learning Sessions

Nov 23, 2022

The necessity of virtual meetings and learning sessions during the lockdown catalyzed the adoption of online meeting and learning tools. During this workshop, participants will explore a range of options to enhance learner engagement during meetings and...

Eligibility Review Officer Core Training

Nov 28-Dec 2

This five-part, online, interactive workshop will provide you with guides and tips to conducting an investigation, reviewing the differences between civil, provincial offences and criminal prosecutions, the use of discretion when deciding upon the pursuit...