COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Ontario's human services sector has a critical role to play in supporting Ontario's most vulnerable residents and responding to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. First and foremost, we would like to thank our members across Ontario for their action and dedication to ensuring that their communities are supported during this time.  

OMSSA's number one priority is to support our members in responding to this crisis, through proactively sharing information, ensuring our members stay connected to the provincial and federal governments, and helping members share information and resources with each other as their responses to this crisis evolve.  

What OMSSA is Doing:

Keeping our members informed

OMSSA has set up this webpage to share links to key resources, information and announcements about the COVID-19 crisis, particularly as it relates to our members. New information will be posted as it becomes available.

Members can also log into our Members' Portal to access resources shared by other members (more information below).

Connecting members through regular calls

OMSSA has moved quickly to set up and host regular conference calls (weekly, or more often if required) for our Leadership Table and our four member networks (Children's Services Network, Housing and Homelessness Network, Employment and Income Network and Emergency Social Services Network) to ensure our members can share important information and updates on how they are responding to this crisis and how they are adjusting their policies and services in key areas.

If you are not a member of one of our networks and would like to join, you can find instructions on how to do so here on our website.

You can also contact Darryl Wolk at to request to be invited to upcoming calls, as appropriate. 

Helping our members share information

In addition to regular conference calls, OMSSA is working to make it simpler and easier for members to share and access resources and information on how they are working to respond to this crisis in their communities.

OMSSA will be compiling and sharing the information we receive from members in a central location in our Resource Library within our login-only Members' Portal.

To access these resources, log into OMSSA's Members' Portal, click "Access Resources" and then "Document Library". Our COVID-19 resources folder is located at the very top of the Document Library. 

OMSSA is asking all members to please share any information or resources that may be useful to other members (business continuity plans, internal and external messaging, relevant policies and procedures, etc.), so that we can make them available in the portal.

Please send these resources to Darryl Wolk at

We also recognize the importance of working and connecting digitally at this time. OMSSA has reached out to members with information on how they can access and use OMSSAs Members Portal to share information and stay connected through this crisis and onwards.

Staying Connected Through COVID-19

Staying connected with provincial / federal partners

OMSSA is consulting regularly with our partners in the provincial and federal governments to source the most up-to-date information, program and policy directives relevant to our members, and to relay key information from our members back to our partners. Provincial ministries are also working to connect directly with OMSSA members where possible.

OMSSA is working with relevant ministries to set up conference call updates with senior human services leaders whenever necessary and possible.

If you have specific priorities or information that will be important to share with the Province as they continue to develop their response, please contact Darryl Wolk, OMSSA's Manager of Policy and Public Affairs, at

Working remotely

OMSSA has asked its staff to work remotely for the time being in order to protect the health and safety of our staff and those around them. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our policies as appropriate.

Taking appropriate action for meetings / events

OMSSA is cancelling or replacing all in-person meetings with teleconferencing options.

Regarding our future scheduled events, OMSSA will be following the direction of Health Canada, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health and local public health officials.

Registrants will be updated if cancellations or alterations are required. 

Updates & Resources: