Tips and Tools for Working from Home

About This Webinar

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives. Amidst it all, you find yourself working at home, beside the laundry, the fridge and possibly even the children who are typically in school or child care. How to manage? Join us for tips and tools on how to navigate your new reality. A reality full of uncertainty, but also one with windows where you can build in structure, team-building and potentially even innovative approaches to age-old challenges. Together, lets get you re-focused and re-charged to integrate your new work from home reality!

Who Should Attend?

Any human services professional who finds themselves working from home through COVID-19


60-minute webinar

Webinar Dates / Times

This webinar was delivered on Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

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This webinar is free to attend for members and non-members.

About The Speaker

Michelle Schurter, a consultant known for her work as the "Millennial Strategist" (, helps companies and organizations embrace challenges and find ways to shift. In previous webinars with OMSSA, Michelle has helped our members "navigate the new norm" by thriving in a multi-generational workforce. Much of that discussion involved new ways of working, including more flexible and remote approaches. Today, we are in an exponentially new norm, with professionals and clients living and working at home. We are pleased to have Michelle join our members as we manage our way through this new reality.