Young Leader Award

Honouring an individual 30 years or younger who has been recognized as a leader, created change, and strengthened leadership in their community.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 30 years and under

  • Has been recognized as a leader in their community and seen as a person who has created change, as well as strengthened leadership in various capacities

  • Special consideration to be given to someone involved in human services sector work

  • Able to travel to future a "OMSSA Exchange" conference to receive award and speak during a plenary session

Nomination Process

Nominations for our 2021 Awards are now open!

  • Any OMSSA member can nominate another individual, including themselves
  • Only one nomination per member will be accepted
  • Nominators must receive sign-off from their Commissioner/Lead

To submit a nomination:

  • Download the fillable nomination form

  • Fill out the form to provide details about your nominee

  • Send your completed form back to us as a PDF by email at by the nomination deadline

2021 Nominations

Nominations for our 2021 Awards are now open! Submit your nomination by September 15, 2021.

2020 Recipient

Phillip Mock

CK Prosperity Roundtable

Municipality of Chatham-Kent