Policy Updates

OEB to Review Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

The Ontario Energy Board has initiated a review of its Low-Income Energy Assistance Program Emergency Financial Assistance (LEAP EFA), which provides emergency relief to eligible low-income energy consumers....

Details Released on Private Retail Model for Cannabis

The Province has shared additional details and introduced legislation on private cannabis retail in Ontario.

Province Releases Line-by-Line Audit

The Province has released EY Canada's report following their line-by-line review of the past 15 years of the province's spending.

Ontario Renews MOU, Commits to Consulting with Municipalities

The Province has formalized its commitment to consultation with Ontario's municipalities by renewing the Ontario-AMO MOU.

Federal Government Releases Poverty Reduction Strategy

Read more about the Federal Government release of Canada's first Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Province Announces Plans for Social Assistance Reform

The Province announced its intention to propose a plan for reforming Ontario's social assistance program (OW and ODSP) by November 8.