OMSSA Releases Human Services Integration Report

Today OMSSA is releasing a report on advancing Human Services Integration in Ontario.

Ontario’s 47 Service System Managers, the Consolidated Municipal Service Managers (CMSMs) and District Social Services Administration Boards (DSSABs), have been advocating for and working towards Human Services Integration for many years.

This philosophy of how to deliver integrated services focuses on improving the client experience, enhancing outcomes for people, and finding administrative and financial efficiencies that can be reinvested back into human services at the local level.

In a siloed system, those seeking services have difficulty navigating through a complex web of programs and supports. A person-centered approach to Human Services Integration will improve outcomes, improve efficiencies, and improve the overall client experience in a manner that is flexible meeting local needs.

Sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient health and human services are fundamental to Ontario’s prosperity and economic recovery. High quality, affordable child care, affordable and stable housing, and income and employment supports are crucial components of local economic prosperity, healthy populations, and community safety and well-being.

Ontario’s 47 Service System Managers are well positioned to deliver services locally in a way that meets unique needs and challenges in urban, suburban, rural, and northern communities in Ontario. 

Download the full report

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