Ontario Works - Supporting Stability Supports

Introduces / revisits and enriches core professional competencies in coaching, communicating and problem-solving to achieve the following:
  • Promote a better understanding of the behavioural effects of trauma, scarcity, poverty and social exclusion
  • Provide an opportunity for staff to reflect upon and plan their reactions and responses to client behaviours
  • Better support non job-ready clients with multiple barriers to education, training and employment in their movement to improvement (e.g., mental health and substance use issues, unstable housing, precarious work history, family conflict)
  • Help staff identify where and how Stability Supports can support a client’s progress along the employability continuum
  • Address the skills necessary for better client problem identification and referral
  • Enrich staff capacity to interact more effectively with community partners
  • Provide a conceptual, competency-based framework for client problem-identification, appropriate intervention choices and case documentation
  • Present a common vocabulary for case conferencing and collaboration