Federal Budget Priorities: Read OMSSA's Submission

February 8, 2018

Following consultation with members, OMSSA has shared its federal budget priorities and recommendations to the Honourable Bill Morneau, Canada's Minister of Finance. 

In the submission, OMSSA shared key priorities and concerns for Ontario's human services sector in the following areas:
  • Partnership: including the importance of cooperation across all three levels of government, and the importance of consulting with and working with key sector associations such as OMSSA, AMO and FCM

  • Funding: including the need for sustainable funding and a review of Canada's equalization formula for Ontario to ensure local services can be sustainably funded and delivered

  • National Housing Strategy: including the need for continued review of application criteria and co-funding arrangements within the National Housing Co-Investment Fund.

  • Mental Health, Homelessness, Poverty Reduction and Supportive Services: including the need for federal-provincial cooperation and significant and sustained funding to support access to these services

  • Newcomer Settlement: including the need for a permanent and sustainable solution to address increasing pressures on social services and housing in many urban municipalities across Ontario

  • Child Care and Early Years: including the need for federal-provincial cooperation and continued investment to support expanded capacity, affordability and universal access

  • Infrastructure and Broadband Availability: including the need to consider and address the unique challenges faced by Ontario's rural and northern communities

Read the Full Submission (PDF)