2022 Forum

2022 OMSSA Exchange Conference

OMSSA hosted more than 330 people from their homes and offices across Ontario and beyond for our 2022 OMSSA Forum.

OMSSA‘s 2022 Forum focused on the issue of workplace mental health and the types of changes affecting human services workplaces.

Over two mornings we discussed a number of workplace mental health topics that are relevant to all OMSSA members, such as: burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, self-care, and more.

We hope to navigate these challenges in-depth while hearing from experts about possible solutions around coping with change, managing anxiety and fatigue, and building psychologically healthy and safe workplaces.

OMSSA would like to thank all members and attendees for joining us over two mornings for our 2022 Forum. Thank you to our keynotes, presenters, and other speakers for making this event a success.