Strategic Planning and Management

Strategic management is the process by which an organization determines its long-term goals and the actions needed to reach them. In the human services sector, it is a useful process that blends high level visioning and objective analysis of goals and priorities to chart a future course of action that supports and manages complex and intricate provincial, municipal, and local program delivery in the face of competing priorities. Strategic management also supports human services integration by guiding an outcomes-based approach to long term planning and goal setting.

This is not just strategic planning: the critical success of any strategic plan comes from successful implementation of the plan. Strategic planning is an action-oriented type of planning that is useful only if carefully linked to implementationand this is often where the process runs the danger of breaking down. It is critical for human service organizations to link their strategic planning efforts to other critical decision-making processes, and to ensure that services continue to support priorities and to guide trade-offs among competing demands for time and resources.

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What You Will Learn

  • Become familiar with the process of strategic management and its benefits in human services
  • Understand planning interdependencies and alignment of strategy
  • Identify the managers role in strategic management along with that of other stakeholders
  • Obtain tools and concepts to implement strategic management, including:
    • Tools to identify strategic issues and how to use them
    • Understanding how Vision and Mission statements align operations with strategy
    • Using a logic model to graphically depict the strategy
    • Learning the steps in Strategic Action Planning
    • Understanding various models for priority setting
    • Understanding the importance of setting performance measures for the strategic plan and reviewing methods for measuring performance
    • Understanding potential risks to the strategic management process and possible responses


Two Days

Who Should Attend?

Attend this workshop if you:

  • Need to understand how to begin developing your division/departments strategic plan
  • Need to understand how to coordinate your division/departmental plans with the municipal strategic plan
  • Need to work with the consultants developing your organizations strategic plan
  • Need a foundational understanding of strategic planning and management and how it benefits your organization

This workshop is designed for the manager or pre-manager who would like to get a better understanding of the strategic planning and management process.

Facilitator Information

John R. Allen is a management consultant with more than 30 years experience in results management and performance measurement in the public sector serving clients at the federal, provincial/state and municipal levels in Canada and the United States. He works with non-governmental organizations in the not-for-profit sector as well. John is also an instructor in public sector management at the Schulich School of Business at York University and the University of Alberta School of Business. He is based in Toronto.

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