Results-Based Performance Measurement

Throughout the world, in public sector organizations at every level, results-based accountability and performance measurement is emerging as an essential and useful tool of management. It is a central feature of almost every modern management practice. Much of this interest stems from a desire to strengthen accountability for services and programs delivered by those organizations.

But, performance measurement is also a powerful management tool on its own, helping improve management processes and program performance. It helps set priorities and support resource allocation, redirect program focus on results not activities, improves make the accountability process more informed and meaningful, and leads a culture of innovation what gets measured, gets done.

This two-day workshop will provide strategies and tips to apply performance measurement processes to human services through case studies from the participants program areas. The workshop features pre-session reading of background information as well as case studies. Participants will also be asked to work in their program areas to help develop performance measures for their programs during the workshop.

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What You Will Learn

  • Understand the need for measuring performance, the use of performance measurement in decision making, and the challenges and benefits of performance measurement. The workshop will also provide a brief overview of existing provincial performance measurement programs such as MPMP, OMBI and more
  • Know how to use mission statements and logic models as decision making tools through interactive real time exercises using examples from their program areas
  • Know how to set performance indicators and understand the different types of indicators such as numerical, direct, indirect and narrative
  • Know how to engage key stakeholders such as frontline staff, clients and community partners in using performance measures as an ongoing continuous improvement process
  • Understand the critical importance of documenting performance measurement and learn how to document using various data sources
  • Know how to use performance results in reporting, decision making, accountability and performance budgeting

Who Should Attend?

Management and supervisory staff in all program areas. Management staff are encouraged to bring staff from all levels in their departments to allow an inclusive and real-time development of measurable indicators and outcomes in their program areas.


Two Days

Facilitator Information

John R. Allen is a consultant assisting public sector organizations to develop and use results oriented management processes and performance measurement. He has worked in this field for more than thirty-five years. He is a former Ontario public servant, having worked for Management Board Secretariat, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, and as a public housing manager for the Ontario Housing Corporation.

As a consultant John specializes in performance measurement, program evaluation and strategic planning. He has worked with public sector clients at all levels throughout Canada and the United States. His social services clients in Canada include Employment and Social Development Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ontario Human Rights Commission, Newfoundland Department of Human Resources and Employment, Yukon Department of Health and Human Services, and the social services department of Toronto, Thunder Bay and Peel Region. Social Services clients in the United States include the Iowa Department of Human Services, the California Department of Employment Development and the Nevada Department of Human Resources.

John is the Director of the Centre of Excellence in Public Sector Management at the Schulich School of Business at York University where he also teaches. He is also an instructor at the business schools at Carleton University and the University of Alberta. He has written articles on results management in government in a number of journals, and he often speaks at conferences on this topic. He has a Master of Business Administration degree from York University, and a Hon. BA in political science from the University of Western Ontario. He is based in Toronto.

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