Ontario Works Directives

This interactive three-day course will provide you the opportunity to research and apply the new Directives to real life case studies.

What You Will Learn

  • An increased understanding of relevant Directives on application and reapplications, financial assistance eligibility related to residency requirements, and income and exemptions
  • How to assess eligibility in various situations under 18 recipients, post secondary students, those living with parents, dependent children, sponsored immigrants, and more
  • Tips on conducting employment information sessions and participation activities
  • A better understanding of the ODSP referral process/reinstating and reapplication periods based upon adjudication process
  • A review of Ministry expectations on home visits, emergency assistance and emergency hostels for participants in our community
  • Accessing the possibility of new considerations in participation agreements and employment planning

Who Should Attend?

  • Any Ontario Works front-line and management staff

  • Staff whose role requires knowledge of the OW directives


Three Days

Bring this Workshop In-House

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Director, Education

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About the Trainer

David Thomas, Social Assistance Trainer for OMSSA has been involved in the area of policy development and training for over 15 years. He worked for the Region of Durham in policy and research until 2017 and is now an Independent Consultant supporting municipalities in training, change management policy development, and human services integration.  Many of you know David from past years employed by OMSSA as a Social Assistance Trainer and Manager of Consulting and Training. Davids networking with our members has continued to build superior working relationships over the decades and David continues to develop and facilitate curriculum for OMSSA. 

Prior to Davids policy and training development he worked several years as a Caseworker and Employment Supervisor throughout the 1980s. David has a degree in Adult Education, a diploma in Social Services and is currently working on his Masters of Education through Athabasca University.  

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