Managing Emergency Social Services

Does your CMSM or DSSAB include social services in the planning, managing and responding to local emergencies?

This two-day interactive workshop will help you understand and identify how social services should fit into the emergency operations of a municipality or DSSAB, including:

  • developing an Emergency Social Services Plan
  • identifying roles and responsibilities, and
  • interacting with other key agencies in an emergency

You will also have an opportunity to bring planning into action with a live simulation lab exercise and post-emergency debriefing. 

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the regulated emergency management system in Ontario, and the role of ESS in it
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the key players in planning for and managing an emergency
  • Identify strategies for articulating and documenting preparedness plans
  • Develop protocols for collaborating with stakeholders and key community partners for emergency preparedness and during emergencies
  • Tips and checklists for managing an emergency
  • Identifying and developing responses for unique challenges and situations such as serving vulnerable populations

Course Outline

Overview of Emergency Management in Ontario

  1. Legislation
  2. Components of an emergency plan

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Roles of different levels of government
  2. Role of community partners
  3. Role of the Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC) and Community Control Group

Planning for Emergencies

  1. Predetermine rates/levels for ESS involvement in emergencies.
  2. Available provincial resources to be kept in mind when developing plans
  3. Planning for vulnerable populations
  4. Resource allocation
  5. Inter-agency collaboration
  6. Continuity of operations

Managing the Emergency

  1. Understanding the incident management system
  2. Shelter/Site operation and management
  3. Emergency Operations Centre Role/staffing/operation of
  4. legislation (AODA etc)
  5. Registration and referrals - which tools to use, screening for vulnerabilities.
  6. Volunteer management
  7. Media and Councillor management their rights and limitations, working with the media during emergencies
  8. Donation management
  9. Documentation - understanding legal implications of documentation and note-taking

Post-Emergency Debriefing

  1. Reporting and debrief how to
  2. Learning from teachable moments and incorporating into emergency plan

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