Compassion Fatigue

Everyone who is in the helping field will at some point in their career experience some level of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, burnout, moral distress, frustration or stress, which can lead to people becoming negative, cynical, avoiding clients, calling in sick often, contributing to declining morale or leaving the profession. 

Are there solutions for people to help themselves? Who would have thought that those in the helping field would be affected by the countless stories heard across the desk?

This interactive two-day session not only defines and assesses your compassion fatigue, but helps you build the tools to effectively address and manage it.

Who Should Attend?

Any staff in a human, social or community services organization


Two days

Learning Objectives

  • Define and know the differences between compassion fatigue, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), burn-out and vicarious trauma
  • Recognize signs and symptoms as well as physiological and psychological effects of compassion fatigue
  • Identify the basics of crisis response
  • Identify your own level of compassion fatigue through an assessment
  • Build resilience and a healthy well-being plan
  • Locate resources

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About the Trainer

Jamie Tyrell has been in the social services field for over 15 years; starting his career a case manager with the Ontario Works program for the City of Cornwall. Jamie has also worked with the Province of Ontario helping implement new technology and business transformation for front line staff with the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  He has worked with school boards and high-risk youth in identifying how involve multiple agencies working together to offer students the tools to help them achieve their grade 12 diploma while dealing with addiction issues, teen pregnancy, crime, mental health and falling through the cracks.

A certified Compassion Fatigue Educator from the TEND Academy, as well as a trainer focusing on relationship management, managing change and team building. Jamie is a natural speaker and brings an array of experiences, humour, knowledge and resources to those participating in his sessions.