Case Presenting Officer Core Training

From Internal Review to Social Benefits Tribunal

The position most often referred to as Case Presenting Officer (CPO) is comprised of duties including the Internal Review (IR) and Appeal (SBT) processes. This process is both methodical and graduated. It ensures that the OW and ODSP acts are being administered consistently and in a fair manner.

This two-day workshop will provide you with the fundamental tools required to review casefile decisions at Internal Review and to prepare arguments to defend your offices decisions at the Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT). It will teach you to apply reason when reviewing decisions and give you an understanding of the interface between policy, directives, and legislation.

You will be encouraged to discuss specific cases and to investigate how the directives involved are supported by legislation to design arguments and facts to be included in your submissions to the SBT. Lastly, this course will review the different directions of the SBT including Interim Assistance, and the need for reconsiderations.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed primarily for Case Presenting Officers, Eligibility Review Staff, and Managers. Caseworkers would benefit from this course by gaining an understanding of the appeal process while enhancing their ability to reach fair and correct case decisions. 


Two days

What Will You Learn?

  • A fundamental understanding of the appeal process
  • The timelines involved in both the IR and SBT processes
  • The application of reason when completing reviews of case file decisions
  • The difference between mandatory and discretionary benefits and the appeal process
  • The benefit of a cooperative client centered approach to all levels of the appeal process
  • The benefits of strong collateral relationships with representatives of your local legal clinics
  • Tips on preparing arguments and submissions for SBT
  • The use of witnesses or witness statements at SBT
  • How Interim Assistance will affect your office and the appellant
  • Where you can find previous SBT decisions on similar matters

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About the Facilitator

Steve Prieur has been employed in social services for more than 30 years. During this career, Steve has experienced a great many changes to the legislation, administration and overall approaches to income support in the province of Ontario. He is experienced in the roles of Caseworker, Eligibility Review Officer (with CPO duties), Social Housing Caseworker, and Ontario Works Supervisor.

In support of ERO and CPO staff throughout the province Steve has actively participated in the hosting of three different conferences and was the South East Region municipal representative to the Provincial CPO Group.

Mr. Prieur was one of the first two professionals to receive recognition from the Provincial Eligibility Review community and has worked to ensure this honour is passed on to others. At the 2019 ERO Conference, Steve had the honour of presenting three seasoned EROs with this same honour. Steve states, "I believe that experience, both positive and negative, as well as the accomplishments of professionals should be recognized, celebrated and shared with others to emphasize the importance of their contributions; and to facilitate the education and growth of others."