Online Workshop

Understanding Anxiety:
Learning to Manage and Reduce the Anxious Mind

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About this Online Workshop

We are living in uncertain times. For many of use, that uncertainty can easily translate into anxiety and/or fear. Anxiety is a complex emotional response, often requiring us to simultaneously address the origins of fear responses in our brain while working to calm the thoughts that provoke and perpetuate the cycle of anxiety. Even though anxiety has the power to rob us of our capacity to engage fully in many areas of life, we can recover from our anxious minds and soothe our anxious bodily responses.

Learn to understand and reduce anxiety to support yourself, your staff, and/or your clients as we continue to live in these uncertain times. This interactive, eight-part virtual workshop will give you the understanding and skills you need to help yourself, loved ones, staff and clients move forward with more focus and manage their anxious minds. Complete with a skills-building manual, this virtual workshop will give you the tools that demonstrate the greatest efficacy in managing and reducing anxiety.

NOTE: This is an interactive, virtual workshop, which is different from a webinar. Participants will be expected to participate through voice and video, and to engage with each other and the facilitator in large and small group discussions, to learn from each other and practice skill development.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the pathways of anxiety in the brain
  • The root of anxiety: understanding the amygdala
  • How the cortex creates anxiety
  • Taking control of your anxiety
  • Reaping the benefits of relaxation
  • Understanding anxiety triggers
  • The importance of exercise, nutrition and sleep for anxiety reduction
  • Restructuring thought patterns that cause anxiety

Who Should Attend?

Any staff or manager in a human, social, or community services organization.

Format and Duration

Four, three-hour and two, two-hour online workshops over the course of two weeks.

Workshop Dates and Registration

All sessions in Eastern Standard Time.

There are currently no upcoming dates scheduled for this workshop. If you would like to enquire about bringing this virtual workshop to your organization or staff, please email


  • Members: $350 + HST

  • Non-Members: $455 + HST

Technical Requirements

OMSSA will be hosting this virtual workshop using Zoom, an online, interactive platform that you can join straight from your web browser, or by downloading 'Zoom Client for Meetings' on your computer or tablet

Participants will be expected to join the workshop via both video and audio. Participants should therefore have access to a desktop computer, laptop computer or tablet with:

  • a webcam or built-in camera

  • a built-in microphone or a headphone jack where you can plug in a headset or earphones

We strongly recommend that participants use a headset or earphones with a built-in microphone in order to limit background noise. 

System requirements: Click here for more detailed information on system requirements from Zoom.

About the Facilitator

Megan Phillips is a Registered Psychotherapist with over 18 years of experience working in multiple roles within community and social services. As a former Case Worker and Manager with Ontario Works, as well as a Concurrent Disorders Specialist in a community mental health program, Megan utilizes her additional award-winning experience in instructing post-secondary education to bring captivating, illustrative, relevant, and humorous educational seminars to a variety of non-profit agencies and organizations.

As an experienced presenter, Megan has dedicated herself to the educational advancement and enhancement of her fellow colleagues and community professionals in areas such as Motivational Interviewing, Burnout, Resiliency Building, PTSD, Secondary Traumatic Stress, Compassion Fatigue and Working with Clients with Multiple Barriers.