Proposed Regulatory Amendments Under the Child Care and Early Years Act: Read OMSSA's Submission

November 20, 2020

After consultation with members, OMSSA submitted its response to the Ontario Ministry of Education on the Province's proposed regulatory amendments under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014. 

The Child Care and Early Years Act recognizes the essential role of CMSMs and DSSABs as the local Service System Manager in ensuring an increasingly integrated, high-quality child care and early years system. Early years and child care services are crucial in the early stages of child development, and during the pandemic, we have seen first-hand that child care is crucial to economic recovery in Ontario and Canada.

OMSSA’s members believe it is a top priority to sustain the sector at a time when many spaces are closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. OMSSA's submission addresses key elements of the proposed regulatory changes in the following areas:
  • Requirements for Age Groupings, Ratios, Maximum Group Size, and Proportion of Qualified Staff
  • Two Provider Home Child Care Model
  • Qualified Employees
  • Short-Term Supply Staff
  • Qualification Requirements for Child Care Centre Supervisors

Read the Submission (PDF)