Announcing OMSSA’s Life Stabilization Committee

OMSSA has been working to foster stronger coordination within our sector, and over the last year, we have been working with the Association for Municipal Employment Services (AMES) to bring AMES under the OMSSA “umbrella.”

What’s Changing?

We’re pleased to announce that moving forward, AMES’ former Board members will now function as part of OMSSA’s Life Stabilization Committee, and AMES will no longer function as an independent association.

In its new capacity, the Life Stabilization Committee will inform and support the development of training, events and education programs responsive to front-line members’ continuing needs. The Committee’s advice and input will help OMSSA ensure that it can provide high-quality education and resources in the areas of life stabilization and employment.

The new Life Stabilization Committee will function as a standing sub-committee under the direction of OMSSA’s Education Committee, and will be chaired by AMES’ former President Michael Simon, Ontario Works Manager with the County of Wellington.


AMES previously worked to provide training, events and networking opportunities for front-line municipal employment staff, who are also part of OMSSA’s membership. OMSSA and AMES pursued this change because we recognize that when we’re united and coordinated, we can support our members in more effective and efficient ways, with a single, strong voice.

Recognizing the changing nature of the employment services sector in Ontario, it was important to both AMES and OMSSA that this new committee be forward-looking, with a focus on supporting our sector’s transition towards life stabilization services.

Engaging with OMSSA and the Committee

If you have input or suggestions on the types of professional development, networking and knowledge-exchange opportunities that you’d like to see in the areas of life stabilization and employment, you can contact OMSSA’s Education Manager and Chair of OMSSA’s Education Committee Christie Herrington at