Province Releases Details on Child Care Funding Approach

May 9, 2020

The Province shared details on new additional measures designed to help ensure parents retain access to local licensed child care, as well as EarlyON Child and Family Centres. 

The Province has indicated that their plan aims to support to licensed child care providers to ensure they remain sustainable and ready to open when parents return to work.

OMSSA is working with the Ministry to understand, address, and resolve the impact of these decisions on CMSMs and DSSABs. 

Key elements of the time-limited plan include: 
  • support for fixed operating costs for eligible child care and EarlyON Centres, while providers are prohibited from charging parent fees while the Emergency Order is in effect;

  • direct funding delivery through service system managers for centres that currently receive funding;

  • a separate application process for child care centres that do not currently receive provincial funding, allowing them to apply directly through the Ministry of Education;

  • direction that all child care centres will be required to maximize all available support under Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, including staffing costs retroactively to March 15, 2020, in addition to federal-provincial rental subsidy supports;

  • waiving all child care licensing applications, renewals and revision fees;

  • automatic extension of child care licenses set to expire during the emergency period; and

  • protecting existing base funding for licensed home child care agencies, and regular funding and wage enhancement grant funding for licensed home child care providers who have remained active during the emergency closure.

  • directing school boards not to charge rent for child care centres or EarlyON centres located in schools, until the end of the closure period.

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