Province releases Community Housing Renewal Strategy

April 17, 2019

Ontario's Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark released the Province's new Community Housing Renewal Strategy today, outlining the government's plan that aims to streamline and build sustainability within Ontario's community housing system.

Key highlights include changes aimed at: 

  • Making rent more predictable by simplifying rent-geared-to-income calculations. The proposed changes will make it easier for tenants to predict their rent and for housing providers to calculate rent, based on income tax information (read the proposed regulatory changes)

  • Freeing up waitlists by having tenants prioritize their first choice and accept the first unit they are offered, while allowing Service Managers flexibility to make exceptions in extenuating circumstances (read the proposed regulatory changes)

  • Making housing available to those who truly need it by requiring an asset test

  • Enabling housing providers to turn away tenants who have been evicted for criminal activity (read the proposed regulatory changes)

  • Protecting tenants who receive child support payments by ensuring their rent is not impacted by payments

  • Encouraging tenants to seek opportunities at school and work by removing existing penalties for working more hours or going to college or university

The deadline for public comments related to the proposed regulatory changes is July 1, 2019. 

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