OMSSA's Priorities for Ontario's 2019 Budget

February 8, 2018

Following consultation with members, OMSSA has shared its provincial budget priorities and recommendations to the Honourable Vic Fedeli, Ontario's Minister of Finance.

In the submission, OMSSA shared key priorities and concerns for Ontario's human services sector in the following areas:
  • Partnership: including the importance of cooperation across all three levels of government, and the importance of consulting with OMSSA and its members on human services policy and program development

  • Housing and Homelessness: including the need for:

    • concentrated efforts to increase supply of rental and community housing

    • supporting community housing renewal

    • maintaining development charges as a key source of municipal revenue

    • modernizing Service Level Standards and reducing regulatory and administrative burdens

    • prioritizing, continuing and enhancing Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) funding

  • Child Care and Early Years: including the need for: 

    • examining how the proposed tax credit could work in tandem with Ontario's child care fee subsidy

    • supporting access to licensed, safe and quality child care

    • concentrated, coordinated efforts to enhance ECE recruitment and retention

    • ensuring funding stability and flexibility across programs

  • Social Assistance and Employment Support: including the need for:

    • ​social assistance rates to keep pace with inflation and the true cost of living in Ontario

    • reducing administration to allow caseworkers to spend more time supporting and working with people who need it most

    • simplifying rules, increasing local flexibility and preserving the service system management role

OMSSA's submission also addressed key priorities in areas such as: mental health services; paramedic and emergency services; opioid crisis; long-term care and seniors services; newcomers and asylum seekers; Indigenous populations; transportation, broadband and infrastructure; the Province's regional government and DSSAB reviews; and program and funding integration. 

Read the Full Submission (PDF)