Province Proceeding with Review of Regional Government

January 15, 2019

The Province has appointed Special Advisors Michael Fenn and Ken Seiling to begin a review of regional government in Ontario, which will encompass the regional municipalities of Halton, York, Durham, Waterloo, Niagara, Peel, Muskoka District, and Oxford County, the County of Simcoe, and their lower-tier municipalities.

The review will consider governance, decision-making, and service delivery functions at the regional versus lower-tier levels of municipal government in these areas, with the stated aim of ensuring "that these municipalities are working effectively and efficiently, and can continue to provide the vital services that communities depend on."

Recommendations from the advisory body will focus on the following questions:

Municipal governance and decision-making

  1. Is the decision-making (mechanisms and priorities) of upper- and lower-tier municipalities efficiently aligned?
  2. Does the existing model support the capacity of the municipalities to make decisions efficiently?
  3. Are two-tier structures appropriate for all of these municipalities?
  4. Does the distribution of councillors represent the residents well?
  5. Do the ways that regional councillors/heads of council get elected/appointed to serve on regional council help to align lower- and upper-tier priorities?

Municipal service delivery

  1. Is there opportunity for more efficient allocation of various service responsibilities?
  2. Is there duplication of activities?
  3. Are there opportunities for cost savings?
  4. Are there barriers to making effective and responsive infrastructure and service delivery decisions?

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