Executive Director (Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton)

Established in 1894, The Children’s Aid Society of (CAS) Hamilton is a not-for-profit charitable organization focusing on the well-being and protection of children. With 300 employees, the agency is characterized by a proud sense of purpose, long serving management and staff, and deep expertise.

After many years under the helm of a long tenured Executive Director, Hamilton CAS is seeking a new leader. Concurrently, it must adapt to rapid degree of change driven by financial, demographic, technological and other factors which are impacting the sector at large. The position of Executive Director (ED) represents a significant opportunity to lead this large and important agency through this transition.

Hamilton CAS faces several imperatives at this point in its history, including achieving a balanced budget; assessing and potentially revamping its operating model; enhancing the role of family and fosters; pursuing new and expanded community partnerships; addressing over-representation of visible minority youth in the system; and re-tooling systems and processes to accommodate increased use of technology. The agency will also want to shift organizational culture to enhance employee engagement, empowerment and innovation.

The Executive Director’s (ED) role is to provide strategic and operational leadership in addressing these needs. The ideal candidate will be an accomplished leader and general manager, with a strong appreciation for the nature of the sector and the important role of Hamilton CAS in the sector and the community. Visionary and strategic, s/he has demonstrated experience engaging effectively with key stakeholders beginning with the Board, to align interests, build coalitions, establish a compelling direction, and move the organization forward. Informed by evidence and data, the ED is an excellent manager with the financial skills to address the current deficit and move to a position of balanced and eventual net positive budgets.

Knowledgeable about the realties and rapidly changing landscape within Ontario’s child, youth and family, and broader social services sectors, the ideal candidate has established relationships with policy makers and funders. The new ED will also bring a solid understanding of diversity and inclusion, and the various facets of anti-oppressive practice.

Committed to engaging and empowering people, this transformational leader has a proven track record of fostering individual and organizational learning and a positive workplace culture. Possessing superior communication skills, s/he is defined by integrity, empathy, authenticity, and fairness; is adept at appreciative inquiry and constructive challenge; and is a leader by example.

Masters prepared in social work or other discipline with credentials in administration and nonprofit leadership, the ED will have several years’ progressive senior management experience in complex multi-stakeholder settings.

Hamilton Children’s Aid Society is at an important juncture in its history. The mantle of leadership which the ED position affords is compelling, in navigating the inherent complexities of the operating environment and continuing to realize the organization’s potential.

For more information or to apply please email recruitment@barnesmanagementgroup.com with your cover letter and CV.

We thank you for your consideration and invite you to communicate with us further should this exceptional leadership opportunity be of interest.