Province Announces Workplace Legislative/Regulatory Changes

October 23, 2018

The Province announced its intention to move forward with legislative changes that, if passed, would amend workplace regulations outlined in Bill 148. The proposed Making Ontario Open for Business Act will, if passed by Ontario's Legislature, amend, reduce or remove a number of workplace regulations, including:

  • maintaining Ontario's current minimum wage at $14 per hour until 2020, to be followed by increases tied to inflation (thereby cancelling the previously planned increase to $15-per-hour for January 1, 2019)
  • replacing the current Personal Emergency Leave rules, instead regulating the provision of up to three days for personal illness, two for bereavement and three for family responsibilities for Ontario workers
  • implementing a one-to-one journeyperson-to-apprentice ratio for every trade for which ratios apply
  • initiating a wind-down of the Ontario College of Trades

The Province has indicated that current provisions for domestic and sexual violence leave will be maintained.

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