Accessibility Matters: Adding Value to Ontario's Workplaces and Communities

Accessibility Matters:  Adding Value to Ontario's Workplaces and Communities, will support the development of a culture of accessibility, diversity and inclusion across Ontario including an increased awareness of the AODA and the Employment Standards to achieve improved outcomes for people with disabilities, enabling them to be equal contributing members in sustainable communities.

On December 5, OMSSA is hosting a one day forum Promoting a Culture of Accessibility and Inclusion .  This forum will showcase best practices in demonstrating accessiblity, diversity and inclusion in communities across Ontario.  Click here to go to the forum web page for full details and registration.


Beyond Compliance - Accessibility Self-Assessment Tool for Organizations

Beyond Compliance: Accessibility Self-Assessment Tool for Organizations was developed by The Regional Municipality of York with support from the Government of Ontario.

This tool provides information for what your organization can do to go beyond compliance with Ontario’s accessibility laws to create a more accessible organization.

Click here to learn more about Beyond Compliance and how to use the tool