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An Interview with Dr. Kwame McKenzie

December 2021

Dr. Kwame McKenzie is the CEO of the Wellesley Institute and is an international expert on the social causes of mental illness, suicide, and the development of effective, equitable health systems. He is also the recipient of the 2021 OMSSA Champion of Human Services Award. OMSSA sat down with Dr. McKenzie for an interview to discuss the work of the Wellesley Institute and his insights and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reconceptualizing Indigenous History

December 2021

In recent years, many Canadians have begun to question their historical literacy, especially as disturbing facts about Indigenous history continue to be brought to light. With the knowledge that Canadian history is a focal point of our education system, recent events have caused many to ask, "Why do I know so little about Indigenous history?"

From Crisis to Empowerment

November 2021

Municipalities can tackle poverty and its related costs head on by building free financial empowerment supports into municipal services. Supports like tax clinics, help accessing benefits, and one-on-one financial coaching/counseling can improve participant income, saving and debt levels, enhance credit scores and reduce financial stress.

OMSSA Report on the 2021 Federal Speech from the Throne

November 2021

The Speech from the Throne is intended to provide a broad vision of the federal government’s priorities for the term. It is widely expected that the NDP will support the Throne Speech and work on common priorities with the Trudeau government.

OMSSA Report on the 2021 Fall Economic Statement

November 2021

Ontario Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy delivered the Ontario Government’s 2021 Fall Economic Statement. The campaign style speech and response sets the tone for the upcoming 2022 Ontario Election. 

True Reconciliation Means Action

October 2021

Canada must realize that Reconciliation is not about saying sorry. Reconciliation is not about ticking off the easy boxes of the TRC Calls to Action – erecting monuments to survivors; adding curriculum in schools; and inserting land recognitions before meetings.

OMSSA Report on the 2021 Federal Election

October 2021

On September 20th, Canadians voted in the 2021 Federal Election and the outcome did not produce much change from the 2019 Election. From an OMSSA perspective, we were paying the most attention to early years and child care, housing, expiring pandemic benefits, long-term care and healthcare. 

OMSSA Report on the Ontario Speech from the Throne

October 2021

On October 4, the Ontario Government delivered their Speech from the Throne. With a provincial election expected in June 2022, there was an expectation that this speech would set the stage for the upcoming election campaign, 2022 provincial budget and plans ahead for the fall session.