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Investing in people makes sense!

The Human Services Leadership Program helps build the unique skill sets required to play a leadership role in the human services sector – skills such as systems thinking, service integration and working in a municipal decision-making environment.

The program provides essential leadership tools to build participants' competencies in managing people, organizations, and themselves, with a strong focus on service system management and managing in an environment of change.

The flexible program format allows participants to meet the requirements in the way that works best for them, at one of three levels (AssociateIntermediate and Advanced), making it applicable to CMSM and DSSAB staff in all stages of their career. 

Strong Value for Staff, Great ROI for Organizations!

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Who Should Enroll?

This program is ideal for human services professionals who are looking to build or enhance their leadership skills within the human services context. Three program levels provide progressive learning opportunities and specific competencies appropriate for staff at all stages of their careers: 

1 - Associate Level

For direct services (front-line) staff

Learning Outcomes at this level will help participants understand and promote "big picture" perspectives that support human services excellence. Learn more about the Associate Level.

2 - Intermediate Level 

For supervisors and new managers

Learning outcomes at this level will help participants support organizational excellence and services integration by managing responsibilities. Learn more about the Intermediate Level

3 - Advanced Level

For senior managers and organization leaders

Learning outcomes at this level will help participants lead organizational excellence through the lenses of integration and system management. Learn more about the Advanced Level.

Learn More

Download the printable brochure, explore the links on the left or contact Christie Herrington, Manager of Education at or 647-385-9285 to find out more about the program.