OMSSA Education

OMSSA Education programs provide skills and competencies that enable human services staff to:

  • Increase quality of client services
  • Expand organizational and community capacity
  • Improve service integration
  • Enhance service system management

OMSSA Education Services Include:

  • Conferences and Forums: These include our annual conference held during  the Annual General Meeting and the Fall Policy and Research Conference. In addition, OMSSA holds topical forums and seminars such as the ‘Integrated Employment Services Forum’ held in spring 2012. 
  • Workshops and Webinars: A diverse selection of courses for all levels of service manager staff. Courses are offered at locations throughout Ontario based on demand. Through OMSSA's corporate training program, workshops can also be delivered within organizations for all staff to receive consistent messaging. Workshops can also be customized to meet the needs of individual service managers. 
  • Organizational Facilitation: Whether the task is the development and implementation of program specific policies and procedures or working with the community, OMSSA's facilitators can help organizations build capacity within the community. 
  • Networking: Knowing what is going on with colleagues around the province provides much needed practical information on the “hows'” of human service delivery. OMSSA provides service manager staff many opportunities to learn from peers and colleagues around the province. 

For further information on OMSSA’s professional development activities, please contact