The County of Lambton & City of Sarnia

The Accessibility Advisory Committees of the County of Lambton and the City of Sarnia are visionaries that consist of community leaders, elected officials and municipal staff. They have shown extraordinary leadership and collaboration in the area of accessibility through the joint Mobile Charge Station initiative. Lambton County is a community dedicated to an enhanced quality of life by making a commitment to accessibility for all. Services are provided in a way that respects dignity and supports the independence of persons with disabilities thus creating vibrant, accessible and inclusive communities.

The Mobile Charge Station pilot exhibits an exceptional contribution to the awareness of the needs of people with disabilities because the stations are a constant visual reminder of accessibility in the community as well as a tangible way to assist people with disabilities to take control of their own life. It has also inspired and motivated lower tier municipalities and local businesses to participate as well.

The Advisory Committees of the County of Lambton and City of Sarnia partnered together for the pilot project by installing publicly available charge stations for power wheelchair or scooter users at strategic locations throughout our community. Providing charge stations has the potential to greatly improve quality of life, community engagement and safety for residents and visitors of Lambton County that rely on motorized/power wheelchairs and scooters.

The charge stations are identified by dedicated signage and the charge outlet has an identifiable switch plate that is blue in colour. To date, 12 stations have been created for the pilot initiative at facilities indoors and outside in parks at the following locations:  Lambton Shared Services Centre, Bayside Centre Mall, Lambton Public Health, Sarnia Library, Bright's Grove Library, Mallroad Library, Canatara Park, Centennial Park, Germain Park, Tecumseh Park, Sarnia City Hall and the Strangway Centre.