Roxanne Lambert, Director of Children's Services

Over 30 years of service, Roxanne actively contributed to the development of human services policy and implementation through Ministry and community tables. As the Director of Children’s Services, Roxanne: participated on the Ministry of Education (MEDU), Co-chaired Durham’s Special Needs Strategy (MCSS) and is currently engaged with the MEDU Provincial Municipal Early Years Reference Group. Roxanne supports Durham’s Children’s Services Division by regularly encouraging our staff to participate in OMSSA events, and make contributions to human services’ policy through networks, communities of practice and conferences. 

Roxanne has contributed to the following OMSSA initiatives / networks:
• Children’s Services Network (current)
• Syrian Refugee Resettlement (2016)
• Modernization of Child Care Response Working Group (2013)
• Rural Childcare Forum Planning Table (2011)
• Children's Services Professional Development Task Force (2008)
• Provincial-Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review Think Tank (2007)
• Best Start Network (2006)
• Children's Services Vision Task Force (2004)

Roxanne is an OMSSA Voting Member, she co-wrote the “Modernizing Child Care in Ontario-Sharing Conversations, Strengthening Partnerships, Working Together" report for the Ministry of Community & Social Services, co-presented at OMSSA's 2009 Emergency Social Services Forum regarding Human Resources and Training, and made significant contributions to the Early Years Project. 

Roxanne infuses qualitative and quantitative data into evidence-informed decision making and was an active participant of the Municipal Benchmarking Network of Canada (formerly OMBI). This was best exemplified through her contributions to the MEDU’s Provincial Advisory Committee that created the child care funding formula and framework 2013.

Roxanne's extensive knowledge of legislation, and contributions to children's services program development, provided the needed leadership for overseeing the dramatic transformation and expansion of the Early Learning and Child Care program in Durham Region. This has been significantly demonstrated through Roxanne's role as head of the Consolidated Municipal System Manager.

Additionally, Roxanne's role in establishing the Durham Children and Youth Planning Network has helped strengthen community partnerships to enhance and support the well-being of children, youth and families.