Region of Halton

The Halton In-situ Program (HIP), launched in 2015, provides financial assistance directly to vulnerable clients on the social housing waitlist.  The assistance can be used to offset the rental housing costs where clients are currently residing.  HIP is the first permanent portable housing allowance of its kind in Ontario and provided extensive “on the ground” information that allowed the Province to develop a robust portable benefits program with a strong implementation framework.

Halton Housing staff identified housing need by surveying the community (including those with lived experience).  This community input formed the development and implementation of HIP. The program has transformed service delivery and now provides housing clients a choice in their housing tenure, vesting them in their own housing decisions. As a result of the program, clients can now choose to live in the private market place with subsidy, or wait for an offer of housing with a social housing provider. This element of choice was not an option prior to the advent of HIP.  The program is portable and travels with clients (not tied to bricks and mortar) allowing greater flexibility to respond to changing social and economic needs in an expeditious manner.  It is client centered and puts the needs of clients first!

Implementing a program to assist Halton residents with rent where they currently reside was an action in Halton Region’s Strategic Plan and forms a key deliverable in Halton Region’s Comprehensive Housing Strategy (CHS) Update (Halton Region’s 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan).  The HIP development team used a methodology which directly aligns with OMSSA’s Human Service Integration goals.