Oxford County

Oxford County is a leader in change after a successful implementation of the Human Services Integration model.  Municipalities across Ontario seek guidance and best practices from Oxford County on an ongoing basis regarding the steps followed while moving forward with HS integration.  Our motto is "one file, one client, one worker."  Caseworkers take a holistic approach when serving clients by using a quality of life assessment tool and providing continued and regular contact with clients as their needs change.  Caseworkers are cross trained in the areas of Ontario Works, Housing and Child Care and are able to offer broad knowledge of various programs/services to clients.

Human Services Director, Paul Beaton and other County team members work with many other Service Managers across the province to share their experiences of implementation and ongoing day to day business in their integrated Human Services model.  

In 2006, the Service Manager Housing Network (SMHN) and the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA) co-created the Human Services Integration Steering Committee (HSISC) and supported 2 Human Services projects in Ontario. Oxford County was one of the two sites of the Human Services Integration Project. The Oxford Social report was commissioned in 2008 based upon the Ontario Social Development Council and Social Planning Council.

The importance of establishing common grounds for integrating all the Human Services was required.  Seven Quality of Life indicators (Shelter, Income, Health, Education and Training, Employment, Transportation and Safety) were selected and measured by local community residents as paramount to the social, health, economic and environmental conditions of Oxford residents.