Municipality of Kincardine

In the endeavours to achieve universal accessibility, the Municipality has worked with many local organizations as highlighted below.  This cooperative approach demonstrates accessibility is an overarching matter that is important to the entire community.  

Accessible Beach - one of the most beautiful areas in Kincardine is the shoreline beach.  It is important to the Municipality that the beach be available to everyone.  In working towards the elimination of barriers which prevent individuals from accessing the beach area, the Municipality has initiated several projects in partnership with others.  Jointly with the Lions Club, the Municipality has developed boardwalks that allow individuals with mobility challenges to be able to traverse the lakeshore area and observe the beautiful sunsets that Kincardine is known for.  Also, a beach wheelchair, the first in Bruce County, was achieved with the Rotary Club.  The chair is available at no charge for individuals to use in order to directly access the beach and the lake.  The Municipality partnered with Bruce Power and Kincardine Rotary to purchase mobi mats to assist with mobility at the beach.  With these features, the beach is a welcoming place for people with mobility issues – wheelchairs, walkers, mobility scooters – and those with other wheeled objects – strollers and coolers.  Both the beach wheelchair and the mobi mats were new ideas for the area and have resulted in numerous thank yous from those who had not in the past been able to access the beach.

Stop Gap program - is a program that supplies free deployable entry ramps to businesses with single stepped storefronts.  Working with the Business Improvement Area and the local high school, Stop Gap ramps are now available at several businesses in the downtown area.  The students at the high school constructed the ramps with the Municipality funding the material costs.  The ramps are put out as required to allow access to stores/offices/facilities that otherwise have barriers which prevent entry or makes it very challenging.  Individuals can now enter on their own once the ramp is put out.  

Accessible Washrooms - new accessible washroom facilities have recently been constructed at Connaught Park (baseball diamonds, Farmers' Market), the splash pad and in the downtown area.  The splash pad was a joint initiative of the Municipality and the Kincardine Lions Club.  All are fully accessible and with the Connaught Park and the splash pad washrooms, particular care was taken to ensure sufficient space was provided to allow for change areas.  The Municipality participated in a program to have all of the municipal accessible washrooms featured on the Bruce County Public Accessible Washrooms Website, a GIS based app.