Mary Beth Jonz

Mary Beth Jonz, Former Director of Children’s Services, Region of Halton

As the former Director of Halton Region Children's Services and thirty years as an OMSSA member, Mary Beth Jonz has actively supported the needs of children, families, community and the early years, providing great vision and leadership.  Her achievements locally and provincially have made lasting impacts that established Halton and Ontario as leaders in the field.

During Mary Beth's 17 years as Director of Children's Services in the Region of Halton, she systematically built relationships and developed the foundational role of the, Our Kids Network.   This diverse and multi-disciplinary Halton coalition represents various professions, organizations and the community working together for the well-being of children and families.  Mary Beth believed that our community could accomplish more by finding ways to work together in an integrated and coordinated fashion.  It was in her role as Co-Chair of the Our Kids Network (OKN) Early Years Committee and the Collective Impact Planning Committee that her leadership shone.

The Ministry of Education utilized her local leadership strengths and invited her to participate at several provincial tables to provide policy and operational advice. Her vision and insight were well received and her contributions were noted as "exemplary". 

On a personal level, Mary Beth goes beyond her contributions to the industry, to the people she has mentored, the relationships she has fostered, and the staff she so deeply cared about. So many human services professionals in the early learning and child care sector and beyond can directly identify the significant influence Mary Beth has had on their careers.