Lucy Sobczyk, Manager, Homelessness and Housing Support Services

Lucy has consistently worked to support high standards of customer service in both the delivery of Ontario Works programs and in Housing and Homelessness.  Lucy understands accountability and always held firm to ensure all partners met the standards and obligations as prescribed by different programs and funders.  She was tough, but consistent and fair in this regard.  Lucy developed and implemented the standards for the Housing with Supports program that have been adopted by City Council.  She is a fierce advocate for the people who require this type of housing support and has worked to improve the quality of life for the residents of this program by creating linkages and integrating services from health funded organizations including a nurse practitioner and access to psychiatric supports. 

Lucy has been a member of the OMSSA Homelessness Prevention Network and the Emergency Social Services Networks during her tenure as Manager of Housing Support Services.

  • She was the lead for Emergency Social Services for the City of Windsor and the County of Essex and participated in regional planning for emergency services.
  • Actively involved in the creation of the Windsor Essex 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan.
  • Involved in the creation and implementation of Windsor Essex Housing Connections, Windsor and Essex County's Housing First Program.
  • Worked with our emergency shelters to help them integrate into the Housing First Program philosophy and supported them as they transitioned to a base funding model of service delivery.

Lucy's experience both at the provincial and municipal levels of government is very respected by her colleagues in the field and our community partners and she is often called upon for advice and direction as it relates to program delivery.  In the area of Emergency Social Services Lucy has been invited to tables in the region to lead the emergency social services work across 8 municipalities.  Lucy has shared her knowledge and experience with other municipalities in the area of emergency social services and homelessness programs.