Linda Mitchelson, Former Division Manager, Social Services, City of Peterborough

Linda officially started as Manager of the Social Services Division on June 9, 2008. Her work over the past 10 years is a testament to her commitment to improving the lives of all social services clients. She has touched so many programs, services, and plans to improve local quality of life. Highlights of her work accomplishments include:

  • Brock Mission: Building of a new men’s emergency shelter currently underway (2018).
  • Youth Emergency Shelter: Expanding the youth shelter services to include services for families with children.
  • Cameron House: Increase the number of beds for hard to serve women in transition to permanent housing.
  • The Homeless Support Services Coordinating Committee: Established to guide collaboration and strategic planning of local emergency response and a long-term housing strategy.
  • The Housing and Homelessness Plan: Developed and delivered the first long term house plan for the City and County of Peterborough.
  • The Warming Room: Seasonal drop in program with capacity for emergency overflow. 
  • Discretionary Benefits: Expansion of program for adult dental and denture treatments.
  • The Healthy Kids Community Challenge: Collaboration with the local Health Unit- 3-year plan.
  • The Age Friendly Plan: City First Strategic plan for the engagement of seniors and service providers in planning initiatives to support the growing senior population.
  • The Community Well-being Plan: City’s first comprehensive plan to assist local council in identifying and prioritizing social planning initiatives (currently under development).

Linda was an active member of OMSSA’s Leadership Table, including Education Committee and participated on provincial tables such as PMSAEC. She is both a United Way and Habitat for Humanity Board Member.