High-Needs Homeless Initiative

Since 2014, the two emergency shelters have been in a chronic state of overcapacity. TBDSSAB added a 'High Needs Homeless' (HNH) priority category within its centralized housing wait list to address this issue. If the ranking of the SPDAT tool is assessed at a locally defined need, the participant will be placed in the HNH priority category, and placed rapidly into housing. Based on the identified needs from the SPDAT, the Transitional Outreach and Support Worker (TOSW) will work with community partners to align services such as mental and physical health management, addictions assistance, and financial literacy.

Both the TOSW Team and the Housing Services team work closely with community partners to ensure case management services are provided to the participant.  TBDSSAB works with Dilico Anishnawbek Family Care, Canadian Mental Health Association, CCAC/LHIN, GAPPS (Getting Appropriate Personal & Professional Supports - through St. Joseph’s Care Group) to provide the support to help ensure a more successful tenancy. Since the launch of the High-Needs Homeless Initiative, 61 participants have been placed on the RGI HNH housing wait list with 42 of those people successfully housed with zero evictions.