Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

Community Safety and Well-Being in Halton: A Plan for Collaboration and Action, outlines a model to achieve greater collaboration and integration on system-level issues that impact the safety and well-being of residents, primarily those who are vulnerable to negative social, economic and health outcomes. The model provides a platform from which institutions with system planning accountabilities, including Halton Region, the Halton Regional Police Service, local health integration networks, public health, school boards and local municipalities engage with community partners to proactively identify and respond to complex social issues that require a holistic and integrative approach. A key driver of the model is to reduce the frequency of social issues that fall through the cracks and require downstream interventions by police and other systems of emergency response (e.g., homeless shelters, hospital emergency departments). In doing so, the Plan seeks to foster more proactive approach to improve client outcomes and mitigate increases for demand on emergency and crisis-driven services.