City of Windsor

Over the past year, as over 1300 Syrian refugees started to resettle into the Windsor community, the City of Windsor-Community Development and Health Services under the leadership of Commissioner Jelena Payne worked in concert with the Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership (WE LIP) to enhance the management of the service system to better meet the needs of our newcomers.  From the outset, the City of Windsor assumed a role which focused on communication and collaboration.  CDHS and the Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership (WELIP) worked as a team to assist with the implementation of the many activities associated with those roles, which included:

Since the onset, the City of Windsor has (and continues to) participate on regular provincial and national teleconferences related to Syrian Refugees, such as the Provincial Syrian Resettlement Team Network. The WE LIP serves as a liaison between CDHS and the settlement/language sector to understand the settlement challenges and opportunities emerging among the refugees from areas such as of housing, education, healthcare and community supports. Once the challenges have been identified, CDHS works with the WE LIP to bring stakeholders together to address specific needs. These challenges and solutions are then shared with Provincial partners.

The City of Windsor worked with the local Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) agency and the WELIP to organize the ‘Planning for Syrian Refugee Resettlement Community Stakeholder’ meeting in the early stages of the resettlement.