City of Toronto: Lorene Bodiam

Lorene Bodiam, Advocate for People with Disabilities, Parks Forestry and Recreation, leads a small but incredibly determined and passionate team who play a number of roles including but not limited to:

Highlights include:

(1) Implementing some of the 46 recommendations, stemming from the Getting Services Right Report. The “Getting Services Right for Torontonians with Disabilities” research project was part of an effort to demonstrate the Parks, Forestry and Recreation division’s (PFR) commitment to reaching out to those who are disenfranchised through disability, including developmental/intellectual, physical, cognitive, emotional, mental health and social. Although the PFR division has the challenge of increasing participation by 1000 per cent during a time of fiscal restraint and cost containment, it is responsible, under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act(AODA), 2005 and the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA), 2001, to reduce barriers and increase universal access. It also has a duty to accommodate individually, provide opportunities for full participation and respect the rights and dignity of people with disabilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

This work is on-going and more recommendations continue to be implemented.

(2) Chairing the Community Disability Steering Committee, an advisory group that works closely with the office of the Advocate for People with Disabilities of the Parks, Forestry and Recreation division. Membership of the CDSC consists of persons who are living with disabilities and persons who work with various organizations that advocate for people with disabilities.