City of Brantford

Brantford’s Major Ballachey Public School has experienced persistent challenges related to student performance, attendance and parental engagement, consistently ranking in the bottom 10% provincially in student achievement as measured in Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) scores, and in 2015 was ranked 3018 out of 3037 schools in Ontario.   Relatedly, the school catchment area is characterized by lower-than average family income, low parental education levels, and a higher proportion of low-income sole support households - all contributing factors to poorer family and child outcomes.  

In 2016, in response to this historical inequity, the City of Brantford partnered with the Grand Erie District School Board to launch the ‘Major B. Hub’ - a customized community space in the lower level of the Major Ballachey Public School, complete with a learning commons, meeting space, certified kitchen, and a separate entrance that allows for day-time and after-hours programming without disruption to school operations.  

The space was designed to facilitate a wide range of community programming, and was centered on the idea that schools are uniquely positioned to support the needs of neighbourhoods and school families by acting as a central hub for parenting information, referrals and social services. It provides a full suite of services including Ontario Works, Homelessness Prevention, Access to Housing, referral to Child Care subsidy, Temporary Care Allowance, Health and Wellness programs, Recreation programs, Employment Services and Social Services ‘Drop-in Times’ are offered each week.