Bruno Ierullo, Executive Director of Employment & Social Services

Throughout his career Bruno has worked to improve the quality of life for clients and coworkers. He has supported service integration as the basis for great customer service long before it was a formal philosophy. He continues to be responsive to changing legislation, practices and programming while ensuring exceptional attention to our clients. As the Executive Assistant to the Commissioner “back in the day”, Bruno assisted with the amalgamation of city and county social services staff to create a more efficient service delivery system. Although he is approaching his retirement date, he continues to bring passion, committment and demonstrated leadership to his position, with a focus on residents and families first. A sample of Bruno’s successes over the years include:

• Partnered with ODSP and Housing & Children's Services to deliver discretionary benefits under the Housing Stability Plan after the elimination of the CSUMB benefits
• Integrated employment services with OW and EO staff
• Worked to secure Windsor as a SAMS pilot site in order to gain insight into the system from the start. He and the team have presented Windsor's best practices to the Regional Senior Management Group. As part of the learning process, Bruno joined and increased participation at regional/provincial committees to assist with managing SAMS.
• Actively participated with Workforce WindsorEssex to further develop employment and training opportunities and partnerships to serve those seeking employment in the community
• Ensured customer service remained after changes to Family Support Legislation
• Implemented ODSP information sessions on site to assist clients to apply for benefits
• Implemented a service hub in Leamington with the Health Unit, Children’s Aid and other partners to provide client services in one location
• Convened all 9 EO providers for joint initiative marketing for the Youth Employment fund
• Centralized the discretionary requests to the three Discretionary Benefits Caseworkers, resulting in a more consistent approach in the approved and denied items for all Ontario Works clients. The Ministry has recognized this unique practice that Bruno implemented, as well as his dental/denture program and management of funerals and burials
• Brought Children’s Services into employment services activities to facilitate client success by involving all necessary supports
• Is currently further integrating services for the benefit of clients with the creation of the OW Help Centre – a place based space for those receiving income support to also receive supports from other City departments and community partners.