Brenda Wilton

Brenda Wilton, Children’s Services Manager, Social Services & Housing, County of Bruce

Brenda completed the Early Childhood Education at Fanshawe College and obtained her ECE designation in the 1970's. In 1982 Brenda began negotiations with the province to develop the traveling Preschool Resource Teacher Program for Bruce County to better suit and meet the needs of children across the County.  After working as a supervisor and working for the County of Bruce to initiate the Preschool Resource Teacher Program, Brenda was hired full-time and began her career in the municipal sector.  Brenda's first task working full-time for the County of Bruce was developing the Home Child Care Program and providing Fee Subsidy for qualifying families.  During the development of these programs and for the years that followed Brenda was an active member of OMSSA and various other provincial committees. 

Brenda was an instrumental team member of various reference groups for OMSSA and other initiatives throughout Ontario in an effort to strengthen children's services and provide equity care for children living in rural/northern/remote areas of the province.  She was also instrumental in planning for the full day forum on Rural/Northern issues and as a result of this full day forum OMSSA put together a position paper.  “On the teeter-totter: The challenges and opportunities for licensed child care in rural, northern and remote Ontario." It was produced by OMSSA in May 2011. OMSSA used the report at a forum on Rural, Northern and Remote Child Care that was held on May 5, 2011.

This was the Forum that Brenda Wilton invited Erika Spek, a Paisley Mom, to share her experiences with those in attendance.  She was an active member on the Children's Services Network and instrumental in leading and contributing to the Rural/Northern work as well. Other CMSMs have described Brenda as "so dedicated through all of the twists and turns of municipal and provincial and federal politics and policies! Brenda represented the rural community as a strong voice at the OMSSA table.”  "She never missed an opportunity to advocate for the unique needs of municipalities especially those experiencing the challenges of meeting the needs of rural and farming communities."