Human Services Integration

The Human Services Integration Project (HSIP) was first begun as a joint initiative launched in 2006 by OMSSA and the Service Manager Housing Network (SMHN) to promote the improved integration and delivery of human services across Ontario. The Housing Services Corporation (previously the Social Housing Services Corporation) joined the project as a partner in Spring 2008.

The initiative at the time was led by a steering committee of representatives drawn from the three organizations. Each of the five key service areas delivered by Consolidated Municipal Service Managers (CMSMs) and District Social Service Administration Boards (DSSABs) is represented in the committee: shelter, housing, child care, income support and employment.

The intent of the project was to identify and develop research, information and resources for CMSMs and DSSABs that will assist them in their efforts to move towards service integration. While of necessity, the process of promoting more fully integrated human services, and the resulting service structures and environment, will look and feel different in every community, there are huge opportunities here for sharing experiences and learning between CMSMs and DSSABs. The project therefore also developed and provided mechanisms that will facilitate dialogue among all those working towards integrated service delivery.

Of course, Human Services Integration (HSI) is no longer a project, but an integral part of OMSSA’s guiding mission and strategic plan. In 2011 we restructured internally to better live the principles of integration. Part of this was the merging of the Service Manager Housing Network (SMHN) with OMSSA into one, stronger organization.