Employment & Income Security

OMSSA's vision is that every person in Ontario has a right to income security. OMSSA believes that increased investment in a system of economic security for families and individuals is essential to the achievement of healthy sustainable communities.

We also believe that a leadership role for CMSMs and DSSABs as service system managers for the continuum of services for employment and income security is critical for long-term success.

To support our members in this sector, OMSSA:

  • Analyses information, conducts surveys, and develops positions on employment services and income security with a particular focus on the central role played by municipal service system management.
  • Creates networking opportunities for service managers to support their role as deliverers and service system managers for employment and social assistance services.
  • Seeks opportunities to work with all orders of government and organizations in policy development and promotion.

OMSSA also provides information and education services to enable its members to deliver high quality services and to influence decision makers by being well informed and by developing skills in the planning, management and delivery of employment and social assistance services.