Human Services

OMSSA is committed to advancing integrated local human service system management to improve services for people.  We work to ensure that local, provincial and federal policies affecting human services are informed by service manager expertise.

Ensuring that people receive coordinated, seamless services tailored to their needs is the keystone of a high-performing human service system. Investing in people makes sense. The stronger our social infrastructure, the greater is the opportunity for all Ontarians to contribute socially and economically.

Municipal human services are in a period of transformation: both in the services CMSMs and DSSABs deliver, and in the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities each local service system manager now assumes. There are deep challenges ahead, as well as invaluable opportunities for all CMSMs and DSSABs and for the future of human services integration and municipal service system management. OMSSA is committed to supporting our members through these transformations towards our shared vision of human services integration across Ontario.