Associate Level


The Associate level will help program participants understand and promote 'big picture' perspectives that support human services excellence.

Who should enroll?

  • Front line staff and new supervisors
  • Staff with 2 - 5 years experience in municipal human services

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding Service System Management: understand service system management and what it looks like in their different program areas.
  • Managing during ChangeUnderstand change and individual reactions to change, strategies and skills to forge positive relationships and teams to support change initiatives.
  • Organizational Management: Understanding their organization's decision-making and strategic planning processes; developing common tools such as budgeting, financial management, project management to suppor ttheir work.
  • Relationship Management: Using 3 dimensional coaching to develop teams and stakeholder relationships, using communication skills and problem solving interventions to support work. 
  • Managing Yourself and Your Team: Understanding beliefs and how they align with corporate culture; developing critical thinking for effective decision-making; developing work-life brilliance.

Program Outline

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