More About the Program

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The program addresses succession planning needs in municipalities and DSSABs, by addressing competencies through 3 program levels (Associate, Intermediate and Advanced), making it applicable to all staff in CMSMs and DSSABs

Five Core Competencies

The Human Services Leadership Program supports and develops five core competencies that support service system management:

  1. Applying a Service System Management Framework to Human Services
  2. Understanding and Managing Change
  3. Organizational Management
  4. Managing Relationships: Engagement and Capacity Building
  5. Managing Yourself and Your Team

Flexible Format

  • 3 Program Levels means the program is applicable to CMSM and DSSAB staff at all stages of their career. 

  • Participants can apply prior learning and experience towards the program, so they can focus on building the new skills they need to lead effectively in human services. 

  • Participants can meet the program requirements in a variety of ways, including: 

Self Study Assignments: to align learning with organizational priorities.

Courses and Workshops: through OMSSA and other recognized organizations (including applicable training in CMSMs and DSSABs).

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are integrated into the program curriculum, helping participants move beyond mere knowledge gaining, to an understanding of complex issues, and application of competencies towards stronger leadership. Learn more about coaching and mentoring within the program.